Special Programs

Special Programs

Enrichment Programs

Away Field Trips

Special field trips into the community are planned for our three-year-old, Pre-K Four-year-old and Transitional Kindergarten classes. Field trips may include visits to the Aviary, the Children’s Museum, the dinosaur exhibit at the Carnegie Museum of Natural Science, North Park, the Pittsburgh Zoo, Heinz Hall for the Pittsburgh Symphony Tiny Tots concerts and several local farms!

ICEC Home Field Trips

Various entities will come and visit ICEC where each class will have the opportunity to interact. These home field trips could include firetrucks, police, north park educational center, northland library along with programs that we feel are beneficiary.


Each preschool class will have a monthly visit from our Music Teacher to further explore what music is all about.

Bible Study

A monthly bible verse will be made ‘real’ by the Children Ministries each month as they visit each preschool.